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Choose Brussels DC as your external datacenter

More and more companies abandon the option to bring their servers into an own server- or IT-room and opt for co-location or server housing. They place all their servers or partially in an external datacenter. With this smart choice you can save a lot of costs, obtain additional flexibility and reduces your risk of technical failure to an absolute minimum.

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Why entrust your servers to Brussels DC?

When choosing a datacenter for the colocation of your server farm many factors play a role. Obviously the datacenter should provide all the guarantees for a high level of security and connectivity. Next are the customers facilities, extra services and flexibility. Finally, you also want a smooth migration. You expect all of these qualities at very competitive prices. We guarantee you make the right choice, choosing for us Brussels DC.

1. A state-of-the-art data center with all the required safety systems

We offer a fully equipped and automated datacenter available with all the necessary power supply backups when the power fails, automatic fire detection and extinguishing and the necessary cooling systems.

Also in terms of security our datacenter meets up to the highest standards. Thanks to all these facilities, we guarantee our SLA uptime of 99.999%. Moreover, we have an identical datacenter in Antwerp, which we also assure a backup on this large scale.

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2. Connectivity to all telecom operators

We guarantee due to multiple fiber optic cables an outstanding connectivity with all major telecom operators. You decide on the carrier that provides you with the best deal and services. We are a carrier neutral HD datacenter, this means that any provider may acces the datacenter to deliver services to clients.

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3. Accessible to you 24/24

With our automated access system you can easily determine which employees have physical access to your servers. With individual badges your servers are accessible for your employees 24 hours on 24.

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4. All desired flexibility

We guarantee maximum flexibility. With a minimum of a half rack you choose entirely free how many units, racks, cages, or private rooms you need. With our short term contracts you retain complete freedom. Moreover, you only pay the effective electricity consumption, regardless of the performance of the rack, or you opt for a monthly all-in fee.

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5. Extra services

Make use of our qualified staff to carry out technical work on your servers, for example, installing a component that you let deliver. Also for tape storage or tape rotations we like to offer our services.

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6. A flawless migration

When you decide to go with Brussels DC for colocation of your servers, you can rely on a flawless migration. With a clear migration roadmap and the necessary technical support, we will provide you with the best advice and assistance.

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