Brussels DC

Unbeatable prices for co-location of your servers

At Brussels DC you can be assured of the best prices for colocation of your server farm as a quality service in our fully equipped data center. Thanks to the various backup systems we guarantee in our SLA's an uptime of up to 99.999%. We finetune our prices for colocation, due to our excellent flexibility, fully to your needs and desires. You only pay your actual power consumption and not according to the capacity of your racks. With us you can already start rent with half a rack. Also cages and private rooms tailored to your wishes are among the possibilities. Interested? We will personally guide you around our data center.

The prices for colocation of your servers are always much lower than the investment and maintenance of an own server room. Moreover, an own server room is a major limitation when your company needs to expand. With colocation you don't have those problems: you simply rent the space you need and can expand when needed. The prices for the colocation evolves along with your real needs. We complement this scalability with all the flexibility of a fully customized service.

Independent of telecom operators

We operate completely independent of the telecom operators. Even with colocation you retain the free choice of telecom operator. Thanks to this you can often get lower prices than if you house your own server farm.


Besides the prices for colocation reliability is also a major advantage. We built a highly redundant data center with a backup for each subsystem. All relevant parameters are continuously monitored. When needed, we act immediately to safeguard the proper functioning of your servers. Physical access to your servers is only possible via an automated access system with badges. You can always follow its operation online and turn on/off a badge when desired. Your servers are physically accessible 24 hours on 24 for authorized staff. More about our technical facilities.

Additional Services

Besides the clear prices for colocation, we also offer you many additional services. On simple request you can rely on our qualified staff to perform several technical tasks to your servers. This ranges from the installation of cables, replacing parts to tape storage and tape rotation. This will save your own employees a lot of time and you don't need to switch to costly external specialists. Such services we will charge transparently on a quarterly basis.

Do you want to know our prices for co-location of your servers? We will gladly make an customized proposal. Contact us today.