Brussels DC

All the infrastructure for setting up a private cloud

Seeking several independent data centers in Belgium to set up a private cloud? With Brussel DC and Antwerp DC we are among the few data centers in Belgium offering a total service for a private cloud.

You can count on outstanding state-of-the-art infrastructure with all the necessary back-up systems, attractive rates and maximum flexibility. More technical information about our data centers.

More and more companies are opting for the cloud to make their data and applications accessible anywhere for their staff. In addition, you have the choice between a public cloud, a private cloud or a hybrid cloud.

  • In the public cloud, you do not know where your applications and data are physically located, with potential legal problems as well as a number of potential technical risks.
  • With a private cloud, you use the benefits of the cloud, but you know exactly where your data center servers are located.
  • A hybrid cloud uses both public and private cloud.

Neutral and independent data centers

With Brussels DC and Antwerp DC you choose for a neutral and independent data center to shape your private cloud. We work with multiple telecomoperators, so you can play the market and have the free choice of operator. For all telecom operators we guarantee optimal connectivity via multiple fiber connections.

Flexibility as a major asset

We excel in flexibility to set up your private cloud. This applies both to the number of units, racks, cages or rooms you want to rent, as for the contract formulas. Everything is easily adaptable, completely according to your changing needs and requirements. We only charge the actual consumed electricity or you can opt for an all-in monthly fee.

In any case, the power capacity of your rack will not affect your monthly cost. We aim for a long-term cooperation through a very high quality of service, yet you will always have the freedom to leave when you want. More on our flexibility.

Interested in our services to set up a private cloud? Contact us for a free tour in one of our datacenters.