Brussels DC

The perfect solution for server housing

Looking for a reliable datacenter for server housing? Do not hesitate to visit Brussels DC. We like to guide you around personally. You will discover the technical capabilities of our datacenter for server housing. Thanks to the numerous backup systems we guarantee an SLA uptime up to 99.999%. In addition, we offer many flexible solutions to server housing where you only pay for actual electricity consumption, regardless of the anticipated capacity of the rack.

Brussels DC offers all the flexibility required to make server housing a success. Instead of constantly investing in your own server room that with rapid business growth becomes too small, you simply rent the required space in our datacenter. You choose for server housing simply the number of units, racks, cages and private rooms that you need and pay a monthly fee.

Flexibility for server housing

You have the free choice for an all-in fee or a monthly fee complemented by your actual power consumption. We give you maximum transparency so you can select the best formula for you. Also in terms of durations, extend or contract ... we assure you maximum flexibility. More about our flexibility.

You can freely choose your telecom operator

We are a completely independent datacenter. This means that for your server housing, you choose an telecom operator completely free. Possibly you may stay with your trusted operator, in the other case, you use another proposal. Of course, you can count on the necessary expert advice. Thanks to the multiple fiber links with the various operators, we guarantee for every choice an excellent connectivity. More on our independence from telecom operators.

State-of-the-art datacenter

If you choose to Brussels DC for server housing, you can sleep on your two ears. The datacenter is equipped with the latest cooling and security systems and has various emergency power facilities. Every system has an back-up. We also have a second datacenter in Antwerp, which allows to spread your server housing across multiple locations. More about our technical facilities.

Interested in server housing in Brussels DC? We invite you to an personal tour.