Brussels DC

As you have probably heard in the news the Belgian government has worked out an outage plan in order to guarantee the continuous supply of electricity during cold winter times.

You can rest assured that both the locations of Brussels DC (Zaventem) and Antwerp DC are not listed in the outage plan of the government.

Besides our physical geographical location our datacenters are also built to deal with the unlikely event of a power shortage. Grid power available or not, our infrastructure has been installed to make sure we can guarantee the 99,999% uptime on power and cooling at all times.

We currently have 10.500 liters of fuel on site and have more than 3.400 kVa generators in standby. Taken in account our business load as well as our IT load we can guarantee a generator running time of more than 72 hours. And of course we have contracts with two independent fuel suppliers to guarantee a refill within 4 hours of notification.

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Monday 4th November 2013