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Why colocation instead of your own server room?

Colocation or housing of servers offers several different advantages compared to investing in and maintaining your own server- or IT room. Both a full or a partial migration is possible.

No huge investments anymore!

The installation and maintenance of your own server- or IT room demands huge and repeated investment in emergency power facilities, cooling systems, fire extinguishing detection, access control, ...

When you choose colocation you share the infrastructure of a fully equipped data center, thereby reducing costs significantly. So you pay a monthly fee that you include directly into your operating costs. Moreover, you always have physical access to your servers.

Perfect scalable: you rent what you need

Companies that grow vigorously or have to downshift temporary. Often this has immediate implications for the number of required servers and therefore the size of your own server- or IT room. Expanding a server room is time consuming and costs a lot. Having your own server room makes it difficult for growing companies to quickly move to a new larger location.

When you work with a datacenter for colocation, you simply hire more or less racks. You rent according to your needs. Expand or downsize goes extremely flexible, without investments.

All risks are eliminated

Your servers should continue to function in all circumstances. This requires the server room to have a high level of security, emergency power facilities and cooling. When you choose a professional datacenter like Brussels DC, you are sure that your servers are running in the most secure and optimal conditions.

Perfect connectivity

Professional datacenters such as Brussels DC have excellent data connections to all telecom operators. This ensures that your data and applications are always perfectly accessible from anywhere. This is not always the case from your own server- or IT room.

Continuous monitoring and surveillance

In a professional datacenter there is at any moment an automatic and personalized monitoring of security systems. Even physical security with security guards are present.